The Damien Hirst Suite At The Palms In Vegas Costs $100,000 A Night And It’s Completely Over The Top

Las Vegas is one of those world cities where you can truly spend ungodly amounts of money in a single night if that’s your prerogative. You might be hard-pressed to spend two million dollars on a Tuesday night in a place like Salt Lake City without buying real estate, but in Las Vegas you can spend that in a few hours at the high roller tables.

It’s a city characterized by excess, one that caters to the ultra-wealthy. The newest suite from the Palms Casino and Resort off the strip is a 9,000-square-foot, two-story space designed in partnership between artist Damien Hirst and architecture firm Bentel & Bentel. It features six original pieces from Damien Hirst but every inch of the suite feels like a piece of his art.

It’s estimated that there’s over $10 million worth of art in this suite including one of his shark pieces which feature bull sharks completely preserved in formaldehyde so they look like they’re alive (seen above). The floors, paintings, statues…everything has Damien Hirst’s signature style written all over it.

How much will it cost? Well, that all depends. Bloomberg says it will run $200,000 for two nights but the suite will be offered to the casino’s highest rollers. The Biggest Swinging Richards with credit lines of one million or more at The Palms will be offered the suite free of charge.

Lorenzo Fertitta is the Vice Chairman of Red Rocks Resorts, the company that owns the majority of The Palms. He told Bloomberg that there’s definitely a market for a one-of-a-kind ultra luxury space like this for high rollers looking to throw an exclusive party or treat themselves to a unique experience.

I honestly cannot imagine a world where someone comes in to spend $200,000 for two nights in this suite. Someone with that kind of money can also take out the $1M credit line with the casino. Why pay for this suite when you can potentially get it for free by wagering $$$$$ at the tables and potentially walking away with more money than you had when you got to Vegas?