There’s A Horrifying Reason Why You Might Not Want To Put A Lime Into Your Beer This Summer

putting lime in beer beach


As an unabashed craft beer nerd, my fridge is usually stocked with hazy hop bombs and barrel-aged stouts, but I also have an appreciation for some of the simpler things in life. As a result, I always make sure to have a couple of tallboys of Coors Banquet or a sixer of High Life tucked away when I’m not in the mood to overwhelm my taste buds.

This is especially true in the summer, where the last thing you need to be drinking on a hot day is a bunch of 10% ABV IPAs. Founders was nice enough to strike a delicate balance between flavor and drinkability when they introduced All Day, but when the sun comes out and the sleeves come off, nothing does the trick like a beer that just tastes like “beer.”

This summer, millions of people will shove a lime wedge down the neck of a bottle of Corona (or, in my case, through the opening of a can of Tecate) in an attempt to quench their thirst with a twist (along with the added bonus of preventing scurvy). However, there might be a potentially dangerous downside to throwing some citrus into your beer while getting your day drink on.

Slate was kind enough to bring to our attention to phytophotodermatitis— better known by “lime disease”— a condition that can cause severe burns when the lime juice on your skin is exposed to the sun.

This summer, please be sure to drink and lime responsibly. Your life might not depend on it but your tan definitely does.

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