Dave Chappelle Compares Himself To Al Capone In Latest Rant About Being ‘Canceled’

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Dave Chappelle is clearly loving the reaction to his Netflix special The Closer, as he once again boasted that he loves being “canceled” during a recent stand-up appearance.

[M]uch of the comic’s material focused on his self-proclaimed status as a cultural pariah. “Man, I love being canceled,” Chappelle told the crowd of 19,000. “It is a huge relief. It’s like getting Capone on tax evasion.” [via Rolling Stone]

Chappelle made similar comments during an appearance at the Hollywood Bowl just days after The Closer hit Netflix on October 5, telling the star-studded crowd that “If this is what being canceled is like, I love it.”

The legendary stand-up comedian has been in the news a ton since the release of The Closer, which contained various jokes and comments about the LGBTQ community. One joke, for example, saw Chappelle argue that rapper DaBaby got in more trouble for making homophobic comments than he did for literally murdering someone.

“DaBaby was the number one streaming artist until a couple of weeks ago. He took a nasty spill on stage and said some wild stuff about the LGTBQ community during a concert in Florida. Now, you know even I go heard in the paint, but even I saw that s–t and was like ‘God damn, DaBaby!’. Ooohhh, he pushed the button, didn’t he? He pushed the button — punched the LGTBQ community right in the AIDS. Can’t do that,” Chappelle continued.

“But I do believe that the kid made a very egregious mistake, I will acknowledge that, but a lot of the LGBTQ community doesn’t know DaBaby’s history, he’s a wild guy.  He once shot a n—a and killed him in Walmart. This is true, Google it: DaBaby shot and killed a n—a in Walmart in North Carolina… nothing bad happened to his career.”

In the aftermath, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has largely stood by Chappelle and his right to “artistic freedom” despite protests from employees and has rebuked calls to take The Closer off Netflix.

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