Dave Grohl’s Generosity Goes Viral After He Braved LA Storms To Help The Homeless

Dave Grohl

Getty Image / Rich Fury

Dave Grohl is a very good guy. He’s one of those celebrities where if it ever came out that he’d done something wrong it would be both unbelievable but absolutely devastating to millions because he’s unanimously believed to be one of the nicest celebrities around.

Some examples of Dave Grohl‘s public generosity include the time he gifted an NYC nurse $10K and performed ‘Everlong’ acoustically for him. Or the time he helped a fan in a wheelchair experience the thrill of crowd surfing.

In his latest display of just being a genuinely good dude, Dave Grohl spent 16 hours at a homeless shelter in Los Angeles serving warm BBQ meals while hellacious storms were battering the city.

Derrick Rossignol of Uproxx Music reports that Dave Grohl arrived at The Valley Rescue Mission in Los Angeles on February 22nd. He brought a large trailer smoker with him. It kind of looks like Lang’s Smoker but I can’t be sure.

Grohl then spent the next 16 hours making BBQ, feeding those in need, socializing, and helping capture some moments of normalcy for a segment of society who might not always be privy to those moments.

Dave Grohl had enough food to feed 500 people, including ‘ribs, pork butt, brisket, cabbage, coleslaw, and beans.’

Part of what makes this so special and genuine is that Dave Grohl didn’t ask for any of this publicity. There was no press release in my inbox about this. The Foo Fighters didn’t put it on their social channels.

We only know about Grohl’s generosity because The Hope Of The Valley Rescue Mission CEO Rowan Vanleve shared some images on his Instagram story of Dave being a great guy and the story instantly went viral. The popular Twitter account Wu-Tang is for the Children picked it up:

Grohl’s story took off on Twitter and his name is currently trending at #6 in the USA on Twitter:

Dave Grohl is coming off one of the worst years of his life after losing his dear friend and longtime bandmate Taylor Hawkins. He is choosing to spread love in the world by helping those in need. We should all be a little more like Dave Grohl.

Here is another reminder that Grohl can pop up anywhere anytime in LA:

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