Learning The Truth To These 10 Common Historical Misconceptions Will Make You Feel Smarter

by 11 months ago

Shutterstock / Feng Yu

Pretty much everyone alive loves to have their intellectual ego stroked from time to time. For proof of this, all you need to do is fire up the HQ Trivia app on a Sunday night and see that there are over 2 million people playing live trivia simultaneously.

Even if you’re not into showing off your knowledge of trivia there’s a chance you’re like me and you being fed misinformation about something. Facts are facts. Miss me with that fake news bullshit, am I right?

This clip takes us through 10 of the most common historical misconceptions. From the Salem Witch Trials to the building of Egypt’s Great Pyramids, this video drops truth bombs on some widely spread historically incorrect info that you’ve probably been hearing for your entire life:

This video is the latest from the ‘Sam O’Nella Academy‘ YouTube channel which most recently produced one of my favorite random videos of 2018. It’s a clip which tells the story of Tarrare, the man credited with having the largest appetite of any man in recorded history. If you’re not already subscribed to that channel be sure to click that ‘subscribe’ button because they’re dropping some great videos on the regular and they’re only getting better.

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