Deion Sanders Gives Lamar Jackson Advice On How To Deal With Critics And Doubters

Deion Sanders talking during press conference

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Deion Sanders has a bit of advice for Lamar Jackson, who is facing criticism amid his contract dispute with the Ravens.

Earlier this week, Falcons owner Arthur Blank commented on how he would be worried about signing Jackson because of how many games he’s missed due to injuries in the last few years.

“Looking at it objectively I’d say there’s some concern over how long can he play his style of game. Hopefully a long time …, but he’s missed 5, 6 games each of the last two years. Each game counts a lot in our business.”

Jackson missed the Ravens’ last six games, including the 24-17 wild-card loss to Cincinnati due to a sprained knee which led people to question whether or not he sat out because of his contract situation.

On Tuesday night, Jackson defended his decision to sit out at the end of last season on Twitter.

“Let’s get real. I rather have a 100% PCL than go out there and play horrible forcing myself to put my guys in a bad situation now that’s selfish to me.”

Sanders saw Jackson defending himself and gave the former NFL MVP some advice on how to deal with the doubters and critics.

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