Cleveland Browns’ Corner Denzel Ward’s Mouthguard Will Haunt Your Nightmares

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Cleveland Browns season is currently a flame-engulfed shit show.

From Baker Mayfield’s regression to Odell Beckham Jr’s lack of production to Freddie Kitchens’ general clueless, the Browns are an absolute mess from top to bottom, as they currently sit at the bottom of the NFC North at 2-6, en route to yet another disappointing season.

And perhaps worst of all for Browns fans, it seems as though the players on the team itself have other priorities.

Yesterday, in a must-win situation against the Denver Broncos, wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr and Jarvis Landry were forced to change their cleats at halftime after the league told them they would not be allowed to play if they kept them on.

Now, while the color of one’s shoes isn’t necessarily important, Beckham and Landry know the NFL’s stance on this matter and decided to go through with it anyway.

The mercurial wide receiver duo weren’t the only ones on the Browns rocking bizarre gear, as cornerback Denzel Ward was also photographed wearing a mouthguard that can only be described as nightmare fuel.

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Again, while these fashion choices aren’t a big deal in a vacuum when you’re fighting for the life of your season and have been as generally shambolic as the Browns have been thus far, you’d think the team’s star players would be wise enough to perhaps skip on the outlandish outfits for just one week.

Then again, these are the Cleveland Browns we’re talking about, after all, so logic may as well be thrown out the window.


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