Ex-Laker Devean George Denies He Was Victim Of Revolting Shaq Prank

Shaq smirking

Getty Image / Francois Nel

Ex-Laker Devean George played 11 seasons in the NBA after being drafted #23 overall by the Lakers in 1999. He was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers team that won 3 NBA Championships in a row from 2000-2002. And Devean George wants the world to know that Shaq did NOT poop in his shoes.

To be clear here, the rumor is that Shaq pooped in Devean George’s shoes. Not that Shaq pooped in his own shoes. I know the phrasing can be a bit confusing there. REGARDLESS! Devean says it never happened despite Tyronn Lue claiming it did a few months ago.

The rumor started when Ty Lue joined the Knuckleheads podcast with Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson. Ty Lue shared a story where he claimed Shaq’s ‘rookie hazing’ involved Shaq pooping in George’s shoe:

Devean George denies Shaq dropped logs in his shoe!

Speaking with TMZ Sports, George sought to clear the air and deny the rumors. He says

“Hell no, that’s a lie, that’s cap. And I know T-Lue started that. Or somebody said T-Lue said that. That never happened. He never did that. I think he did that to somebody in Orlando. I don’t remember the dude’s name but he did that in Orlando. He never took a s–t in my shoes.”

Here’s the clip:

Now we will need Shaq to come out and either confirm or deny the rumors. Devean George is emphatically saying that Shaq ‘never took a s–t’ in his shoes despite Lue’s claim. The world now deserves to hear what Shaq says in response.