Did Ghislaine Maxwell Run One Of The Most Powerful Reddit Accounts? An Investigation

Did Ghislaine Maxwell Run One Of The Most Powerful Reddit Accounts

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  • Numerous conspiracy theories have resurfaced about Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell as her trial finishes its first week.
  • One of the most unique is the speculation that Maxwell ran one of the most powerful Reddit accounts right up until her arrest in 2020.
  • Read more news about Ghislaine Maxwell here.

As the trial of Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell closes out its first week of testimony, a longstanding rumor about the alleged sex trafficker running a popular Reddit account has re-emerged.

The rumor really began gaining steam when the Reddit account believed to be Ghislaine Maxwell’s, Maxwellhill, ceased being used following her her July 2, 2020 arrest on sex trafficking charges.

The same Reddit account was also reportedly radio silent around the time of the death Maxwell’s mother in 2013, according to The Daily Mail.

Some have suggested that the username, Maxwellhill, is a combination of her last name and the name of her family’s home in the United Kingdom, Headington Hill Hall.

The Reddit account was even featured way back in 2011 by Gizmodo who called Maxwellhill “the Most Successful Man/Woman/??? on Reddit.”

Maxwellhill, the first and only Reddit user at that time to achieve 1 million link karma points (it now has over 15 million), even corresponded with Gizmodo and explained some background regarding the account’s success.

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This week, YouTuber Jackson Hinkle re-engaged the rumor about Ghislaine Maxwell being a Reddit power user with a series of tweets.

Some highlights…

“When she wasn’t posting about the top news of the day, she often wrote about the ages of sexual consent, the supposed overreach of sex offender laws, pedophilia, graphic violence against children, “over-zealous” child protection legislation & advocated for the legalization of cp,” Hinkle tweeted.

“Maxwellhill’s AMA strongly suggests the account owner is British by the terminology she uses,” he continues. “For instance, their favorite word is ‘Bollocks’ and the use of English colloquialisms. That the user claims to be male is likely an attempt to remain anonymous, which is not surprising.”

Interestingly, the person behind Maxwellhill told Gizmodo in 2011 that they were spending “about 3-4 hours a day on Reddit,” but they were “also busy with a potential business venture that is taking a large part of my time.”

Right around the time of her arrest in 2020, YouTuber Joe Leonard further broke down the connections between Ghislaine Maxwell and the Reddit account Maxwellhill.

“Despite being heavily involved with /r/worldnews, /u/maxwillhill refrains from posting about Epstein. Users have even jokingly called the account ‘Ghislaine MaxwellHill,'” said Leonard.

Leonard also shared a screenshot from the Reddit account, pointing out, “She even advocated the legalization of child p-rn 7 years ago.”

Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao also tweeted right around the time of Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest that she and others she associated with “knew” she was supplying underage girls to Jeffrey Epstein.

Naysayers have claimed that Ghislaine Maxwell was not behind the account and that Maxwell Hill is merely a reference to a location in Malaysia that is now called Bukit Larut.

What seems to go unnoticed, however, is the fact that Maxwell Hill was named after Sir William George Maxwell, a British colonial administrator. Could he have been a distant relative?

Much like who is really behind the Reddit account Maxwellhill, we may never know.