These 9 Discontinued McDonald’s Menu Items Are Pretty Forgettable And When The Hell Did They Serve Pizza?

Mcdonalds Menu Items Discontinued

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I’ve got a strong memory for useless information so videos and articles about “things people forget” usually trick me into reading or watching.

For example, this video from Business Insider about unusual food items disappearing off the McDonald’s menu was begging to be clicked.

McDonald’s has experimented with many different menu items over the years. McPizza?! Yeah, McPizza. Here we rounded up 9 of the most bizarre food items that disappeared from the McDonald’s menu.

I remember the McLean, the salad shakers, the McDLT (I still miss it) and a few of the others but I have absolutely zero recollection of McDonald’s ever serving pizza.

It seems like a thing I’d remember considering I ate at McDonald’s quite frequently as a kid, and my father owned a pizza place.

See how many of these items you remember and which ones you miss.

I’ll go out on a limb and get absolutely no one missed the Hula Burger.

Ok, maybe like 6 people.

That video was a fun trip back into food nostalgia, mainly because it reminded me of this classic McDonald’s ad.

Yeah. Try getting THAT jingle out of your head today.

You’re welcome.

[via Business Insider]


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