Doc Antle Sounds Off On Netflix And Claims He Never Gave Them Permission To Feature Him In ‘Tiger King’

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Whether Myrtle Beach safari owner Doc Antle likes it or not, his fame from Netflix’s hit documentary ‘Tiger King‘ is undeniable and something that took the entertainment world by storm when the show was first released on March 20, 2020.

Antle was featured in the show several times to give viewers a closer look at independent zoo owners and the animals that these owners work with on a day to day basis. Antle was a perfect feature in the show for Netflix as he operates his animal sanctuary in Myrtle Beach which is the home to dozens of tigers, chimpanzees, and more. The fame has definitely come with some backlash though as Antle has been accused by numerous organizations of animal abuse and just months following the show’s debut, he was indicted in Virginia on 15 charges that include wildlife trafficking and animal cruelty related to his activity with lions.

Antle sat down with The Brilliantly Dumb Show to discuss the charges and sound off on Netlfix who he alleges used his name and footage without his permission.

“I am in the show (Tiger King) 235 times without my permission what so ever and I have documents,” Antle said.

“It’s COVID, it’s lawsuits, (Netflix) a multi-billion dollar corporation, it’s freaking California and getting the pieces to line up are just taking an epic amount of time. Now we attempted to say ‘take me out of it’ but Netflix responded that ‘it is going so quickly and we can’t now. You will be famous, you will be rich, it will all be fine.'”

Antle recently released his new web docuseries ‘Tiger Kingdom’ which he describes as a way to separate himself from the image that ‘Tiger King’ portrayed of him. The trailer for his docuseries can be seen below.

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