Deadly Dog Flu Reports Are Greatly Exaggerated But Vets Say To Watch Out For These Symptoms

by 2 years ago
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Last month, there was a flu outbreak for humans and it spread to much of the United States. Now there are many reports that a deadly dog flu has overwhelmed the entire nation, which may not be entirely true.

There are reports that the flu has spread to 46 states and another saying “nearly every state in the U.S.” However, officials at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine said the majority of the cases were concentrated in southern Ohio, northeastern Tennessee, San Jose and greater San Francisco Bay areas. There were 50 possible cases in a two-week span according to a local vet in the South Bay area of San Francisco.

Another report says there have been 2,000 dogs infected with the influenza since 2005. However, there are said to be nearly 90 million dogs in the United States, so only 2,000 cases since 2005 are such a minuscule percentage of the entire U.S. dog population; something like 0.0022% of the dogs in the U.S. have been infected since 2005. It doesn’t seem like there is a deadly dog flu outbreak spreading all across the United States. Instead, it sounds like the media is blowing this dog flu story out of proportion for clicks. That being said, it can happen and here’s how to look out for the symptoms.

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