Chocolate Lab Opening A Giant Tennis Ball On Christmas Morning Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

by 2 years ago
dog opens tennis ball Christmas morning


Dogs are part of the family too. They deserved a very merry Christmas just like the rest of the gang and that’s exactly what this chocolate lab received yesterday morning.

This happy pup was gifted a gigantic tennis ball that was covered up in wrapping paper. Instead of having someone tear apart the paper and give the dog the ball the family let the dog do all the work and shred that paper himself. If you’re a dog person then you’re going to love the shit out of this clip as the dog feverishly shreds through the wrapping paper en route to claiming his massive tennis ball prize.

As a fellow dog owner, I’ll admit that this was adorable and probably the best Christmas morning video I’ve seen this year. But, I’m also kind of convinced that all they did here was teach that dog to shred apart presents. Going forward, what’s stopping that dog from thinking that every present wrapped up underneath the Christmas Tree is for him? Sure, there’s the unmistakable scent of a tennis ball underneath that wrapping paper but at the end of the day, it was just another wrapped present under the tree.

If any of you bros out there gave your dogs presents on Christmas morning and filmed it you can tweet those clips to me at @casspa!

(h/t r/videos)

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