This Interview With The Parents Of CNN’s Irish Journalist Is The Most Wholesome Thing You’ll See Today


Welp, it’s finally Friday! Leonard, do me a solid and sing that glorious gospel to the people real quick.

What a week, am I right? After all this time, after all of the destruction and chaos he’s caused, he’s finally on his way out. Now that we’re finally at the end of this diabolical loser’s shambolic, pathetic, destructive reign, kicking him out of the country simply isn’t good enough — we must launch him directly into the Sun.

I’m talking, of course, about Adam Gase! Yup, that’s right people, the New York Jets — after two seasons that saw them digress into the league’s primary laughing stock — finally canned Gase. And to think, all they had to sacrifice to get here was the future of former franchise quarterback Sam Darnold! No big deal.

All jokes about the Jets aside, though, this has been a hell of a week (following what was a hell of a year), and positives need to be consumed wherever they can. With that in mind, I kindly bring you this RTE News report about Donie O’Sullivan, CNN’s portly Irish journalist who gained international recognition during the Capitol riots earlier this week.

RTE News, Ireland’s national news service, took to Mr. O’Sullivan’s scenic Irish hometown to interview his parents (!) about their son’s success, and the result is far and away the most wholesome thing you’ll see on the internet this week, as no emotion breaks through societal and political boundaries quite like that of a parent’s unyielding pride in their child.

It just goes to show that no matter what corner of the world you come from, if you’re lucky enough, Mom and Dad will always be there waiting for you, cheering you on from afar. I sure as hell know I’m going to call my Mom and Dad today to tell them I love them.

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