Things Got Very Real Very Quickly After Guys Were Asked About The Downsides Of Being A Man

downsides of being a man


There are plenty of societal expectations men are expected to abide by, and while people are slowly realizing that dealing with problems via stoicism isn’t exactly the healthiest thing in the world, it’s impossible to deny these stigmas still exist.

Based on my extensive time on the internet, I’m sure this headline alone will be enough to make certain groups irrationally outraged, but I’m not arguing men have it worse than everyone else— it’s just that they have problems they have to deal with along with the rest of the general population.

In many cases, guys are judged if they have the nerve to express certain emotions that don’t confine to the antiquated definition of “manliness” and I think we can all agree we’re not doing each other any favors.

On Wednesday, screenwriter Caitlin Moran took to Twitter and asked guys to share the downsides of being a man.

As you’ll soon see, things got very real very quickly.

One of the most popular responses shined a light on the lack of support many guys experience when they’re going through a rough time.

Another respondent emphasized how men are perceived as weak based on totally normal emotional traits.

While this is nowhere near unique to men, another person noted the downsides of the unrealistic standards guys are expected to meet.

There’s also the pressures that come with being a dad.

It’s also impossible to ignore the lack of mental health support many guys are forced to deal with (which, again, isn’t exclusive to men).

I think most guys out there would agree we have it pretty good but I think it’s important to occasionally take a step back and take a look at many of the issues that were brought up in this thread.

It’s certainly not going to hurt.

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