MUST SEE: Stunning Footage Of The Frozen Ocean At A New England Beach

frozen ocean

Ryan Canty of Massachusetts was visiting his grandmother near Old Silver Beach in Cape Cod this past weekend. With insane winter weather conditions hammering the Northeast, New England beaches have turned into Arctic desserts.

Ryan’s video of walking on the frozen ocean is starting to go viral as he and some friends experience the surreal environment of frozen ocean waves.

What I love even more is this awesome drone footage. It’s gorgeous to see the birds-eye perspective of this beach and frozen ocean:

For even more footage of the frozen New England beach, here is Canty’s first video experiencing the frozen ocean:


The Bomb Cyclone has destroyed the East coast and left places like Massachusetts a mess, with ice and dangerous conditions wreaking havoc in airports like JFK and in the streets of Boston.

With oceans frozen like this, you can go for a stroll across the water without all the responsibilities of being the messiah.

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