Man Gets So Drunk He Forgot He Sold His Car And Calls Police To Report It Stolen

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Ever get so drunk that you blackout and forget what embarrassing shit you did the night before? Maybe it is something harmless like drunk messaging an ex-girlfriend or something more disturbing like dry-humping a Dyson vacuum cleaner. But at least you survived intact (Minus your dignity) and you’ll have a fun story to tell your grandchildren. This drunk gentleman got so blitzed that he sold his car, forgot he sold his car, and then called the police to report the car stolen. Consider this inebriated fella to be the Mayor of Blackout City.

We take you to New Zealand, where a man was partaking in a few adult beverages, but ran out of money for more alcohol. So he did the only sensible thing – he sold his car for booze money. The man decided to sell his car for $800 New Zealand dollars, which is equivalent to $578.96 in U.S. dollars. Think of how shitfaced you could get on $578.96. How badly did the sober buyer rip off this slurring drunk on the deal?

The next morning, the man awoke to find his car missing, so he reported it stolen with the local police station. The buyer received an alert from the CarJam website about the car possibly being stolen and contacted police.

“Thankfully the man who bought the car checked the registration the next day on the CarJam website as he was worried it might be stolen,” Sergeant Dennis Murphy told the NZ Herald. “The man came into the station with the car to let us know what had happened. We were able to get in touch with the original owner and told them to sort it out between them,” Sergeant Murphy added.

The lesson learned is don’t sell anything when you are drunk, including your little brother, your virginity, your house, or your car.


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