World’s Chillest Dude Casually Sparks Up Cigarette While Armed Robber Brandishes Giant Modified Pistol In Bar


Bartender Dustin Krueger describes Berhmann’s Tavern in St. Louis as “a quiet comfortable living room place where people go to get away from their lives, so they don’t have to deal with stuff.”

The bar has been in business before World War II, and from the looks of it, has made very few modifications. Something tells me the clientele prefers it that way.

On Monday, for just the second time in 83 years, some asshole tried to rob the joint.

“I look up at the door and there some guy there with an awfully big gun,” Krueger told KSDK.

The criminal was brandishing what police describe as a “heavily modified pistol” and using it to intimidate customers out of their money and phones.

One man, who must’ve either seen some shit in his day or was mainlining CBD, refused to comply with the dude even after he a gun was lodged in his side. Instead, Tony Tovar lit up a cigarette in the face of imminent danger.

“I said not another punk trying to pull a punk move,” said Tony Tovar who refused to comply despite the pistol pointed in his side and face.

“I’m so tired of people in south city trying to muscle their way in with firearms or bad attitude or some kind of aggression,” said Tovar. “I wasn’t gonna comply.”

Tony admitted to being concerned but claims he was confident the man “wasn’t out to harm anybody he just wanted drug money.”

I’ll have two of what this guy’s having. Please and thank you.

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If this dude started blowing smoke rings in the robbers face we’d have to give him a Purple Heart or at least name him the next President of the United States.

[h/t KSDK]

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