Watch A Dump Truck Flip After Colliding With A Sign Because It Was Driving With The Bed Up

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you fuck up at your job? Maybe your boss gets on your case about getting those TPS reports in by this afternoon? No biggie. You buckle down and get it done and all is forgotten. However, when you’re a dump truck driver and fuck up you put the lives of many in jeopardy as we see in this crazy video. A fellow driver caught the moment that a dump truck was driving in the northbound lanes of the East Loop in Houston with its bed sticking up in the air and it smashed into an overhead sign, causing a gigantic mess.

Video captured by Facebook user Carlos Escobedo shows when a driver attempts to notify the dump truck driver that his bed is up in the air, but the driver does not give a care.

Then the top of the bed collides with the sign and rips the entire trestle down, nearly slamming into several vehicles on the highway. The car filming the incident barely misses a large metal beam. Meanwhile, the dump truck flipped on its side.

ABC13 Houston reported that the condition of the driver is unknown.