Dusty In Here? Colbert Releases 2016 Duet With Musical Legend John Prine, Who Is Now On A Respirator

John Prine is one of the greatest American folk singers of all time. You may not be familiar with him if you’re more of a fan of Tiesto, but I grew up listening to his stuff because my dad loved him. As a kid I found it kind of dreary, but as with many things, you grow to appreciate his music with age. Same was true of cauliflower.

Anyway, just watch the clip. Clearly Colbert is a huge fan, and it’s fun to see how much it means to him that he can sing a song with John Prine on his own show. I can’t fathom the prescience he has in saying “we’ll probably do this for the internet, unless something terrible happens and we have to cheer up the world” disclaimer. Is that real? I’m too suspicious of the internet to believe he really said that in 2016, but here we are.

Enjoy the music, and Godspeed to John Prine, a legend.