Someone Calculated The TRILLIONS Of Dollars In Damage Caused By The Carnage In Dwayne Johnson’s Movies

by 7 months ago
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In recent years, Dwayne Johnson has been able to dominate the box office thanks to his natural talent and charisma as well as his trusty costars Giant Muscles and Huge Explosions. You don’t go to see a movie starring The Artist Formerly Known As The Rock because you’re looking for an esoteric take on the philosophy of mortality— you watch them because you want to see him fight things while dropping a bunch of one-liners.

With the exception of movies like the shockingly enjoyable Baywatch, most of Johnson’s films have a plot centered around incredible amounts of carnage, whether we’re talking about giant apes and lizards destroying buildings or the many cars that have sacrificed themselves for the entertainment of fans of The Fast and the Furious franchise.

Rotten Tomatoes decided to take a closer look at Johnson’s oeuvre in order to figure out how much the damage on display in his movies would actually cost in real life. While Johnson isn’t directly responsible for all of the destruction, he’s still managed to rack of a solid tab on his way to contributing to an estimated $12 trillion in total losses over the course of 22 movies.

The informal study took into account everything from the loss of real estate that comes with entire cities being destroyed to the cost of new drywall and bullets blindly fired out of a chain gun. The most extensive losses came from the destruction of London in G.I. Joe: Retaliation— an estimated $2 trillion incident— but he only managed to do $18,000 of damage in the most recent Jumanji movie.

The Rotten Tomatoes team did an incredible amount of research to put together their findings so I highly suggest you read the entire article so you can truly appreciate his appetite for destruction. I can’t wait to see how much that number rises after Skyscraper hits theaters on Friday.

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