Eagles QB Jalen Hurts To Make $50 Million A Year Or More

Jalen Hurts

Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles will play in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, and no matter the result they know that their star quarterback Jalen Hurts is going to need a new contract, a costly one.


Jalen Hurts played at an MVP-like level in 2022, scoring 35 total touchdowns while only throwing 6 interceptions and rushing for over 750 yards on the ground. He went 14-1 as a starter in the regular season and added two more wins in the postseason, which came against the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers.

Hurts was a 2nd round pick in the 2020 Draft and will enter the final year of his rookie contract in the 2023 season, the Eagles want to get ahead of that sign him to a long-term deal now.

According to ESPN, the Eagles “know” the contract price has likely gone to $50 million a year or more. And with other quarterbacks lined up to get paid like Bengals Joe Burrow, Chargers Justin Herbert and Ravens Lamar Jackson, the contracts for all the young franchise quarterbacks will continue to rise.

The question now is, who will sign their quarterback first? because the teams that follow that contract will end up paying more than the first one.