Eddie Murphy’s New Character “Murray Murray” Is A Reminder That Eddie Murphy Is Still The Funniest Person Alive

This sketch kinda flew under the radar since it aired on a charity show a couple Sundays ago, so forgive me for blogging it so late. But a friend sent it to me and whenever Eddie Murphy gets in front of a camera, the world deserves to watch. Introducing Murray Murray—a casual Sunday night character that Eddie Murphy whipped up for charity that, invariably, is the funniest thing I’ll see today. The dude is effortlessly funny. He’s the Roger Federer of comedy. It’s simultaneously infuriating and inspiring to watch him perform. If you polled every standup comedian in New York City between the ages of 28-45 about who influenced them the most, my guess is that >75% would cite Eddie as their guy. I have no idea if I faced that > symbol the right way.

“I could sing ‘fore I could talk.”

“Blind folk used to just have they eyes out. I said Ray, you know, put these on.”

“Diana Ross, Gladys, Tina Turner… all of ’em have heard me sing. And I’ve had sex with all of ’em.”

He’s almost certainly improvising these, which means there are probably 15-20 other lines he said that we’ll never get to see. These are the Royal Merchant treasure to us lowly John B comedy fans. We may never find them, but by God, we’ll sprint with our shirts off for 10 episodes trying.