The 2018 Edmunds Loyalty Report Reveals Which Car Brands Have The Most, And Least, Loyal Owners

Edmunds Loyalty Report Most Least Loyal Car Owners


With all the moving and shaking that’s been going on in the car industry over the past couple of months with the Geneva International Motor Show and the New York International Auto Show we’ve been able to check out a lot of exciting new cars, trucks and SUVs from numerous manufacturers.

And while we would like to drive and/or own pretty much every single one of the vehicles we have highlighted, that’s not really feasible. Unfortunately, most of us are not in a position to shell out the kind of big bucks many of the automobiles we’ve featured would require in order to put them in our garage. No Maseratis, McLarens, or Lamborghinis here.

Instead we are more likely to own more run-of-the-mill car brands like Chevy, Ford, Honda and Toyota. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Especially if the car is yellow.

Now there are many ways to judge car brands such as those and one of them is owner loyalty. And recently, Edmunds published the results of their 2018 Loyalty Report and the results are rather interesting. Here’s some of what they discovered.

The top five car brands for owner loyalty are (based on the percent of vehicles traded in to purchase the same brand)…

1. Toyota: 63%

2. Subaru: 61%

3. Honda: 60%

4. Ram: 54%

5. Chevrolet: 54%

Followed by…

6. Hyundai 52%
7. Kia 51%
8. Nissan 48%
9. Ford 48%
10. Mazda 44%

And the bottom five car brands for owner loyalty are…

1. Chrysler: 16%

2. Smart: 19%

3. Dodge: 19%

4. Mitsubishi: 21%

5. Fiat: 22%

Followed by…

6. Mini 24%
7. Buick 29%
8. GMC 35%
9. Volkswagen 37%
10. Jeep 41%

H/T Autoblog

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