New Passenger-Focused Planes Have Awesome Shark Paint Jobs And NO Middle Seats

Back during World War II, the U.S. military took great pride in their aircraft, even giving them beautiful paint jobs… most of the nose art feature attractive women to rally the troops.

Now a commercial airline is embracing nose art, minus the scantily clad women. Embraer, which is an airplane manufacturer from Brazil, has a new line of aircraft that flaunt some magnificent paint jobs. The eye-catching passenger planes are painted like sharks, tigers, and eagles — oh my!

There’s even a tiger plane!

Here is how the tiger was painted on the plane.

But the Embraer SA E190-E2 passenger aircraft is not just a pretty face. These commercial airplanes also have some great perks for passengers. There are NO middle seats! This awesome two-by-two-seat upgrade provides more personal space for the passengers. There is increased legroom and larger windows so passengers can get a great view of the scenery while flying high. The overhead bins are 40% larger and carry-on luggage can be loaded wheels-first, which bucks the trend of the bins getting smaller and smaller.

Embraer describes their new regional plane as “the world’s quietest, cleanest and most efficient new generation single-aisle aircraft.” The first E190-E2 planes have already been delivered in April to Widerøe, a subsidiary of Scandinavian Airlines. In the United States, you can expect to see these passenger-focused planes on SkyWest, which is a regional airline affiliate of American Airlines, Delta, United, and Alaska Airlines. But not until 2021. Hopefully, they keep the badass paint jobs.


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