Emma Stone Responds To Jokes Claiming That ‘Cruella’ Is Just British, Stylish ‘Joker’

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I’ve recently been quoted as saying that I could watch Emma Stone fix a drainpipe in the pouring rain for six hours and be entertained — the woman is simply *that much* of a charisma powerhouse. Can you name a single bad Emma Stone performance? Sure, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sucks a fat one, but she’s her usual excellent self. And she’s still just 32-years-old and already has an Academy Award win under her belt! If there’s any Emma Stone stock left to be purchased, I suggest you join the team and buy some.

The next time we’ll see the lovely Ms. Stone is in this Spring’s Cruella, which is set to hit theaters and Disney+ on May 28. And despite the fact that Cruella is yet another franchise/prequel/spinoff/etc. from the monolithic Mouse House, the talent on board the project is absolutely stacked, as the film boasts the director of I, Tonya, the writer of The Favourite, and the producer of La La Land. Talent-wise, from top to bottom, this movie is absolutely stacked.

And yet, despite Cruella‘s wildly impressive resume, one of the first thoughts on fans’ minds when the trailer dropped was… “Ya know, this sort of reminds me of Joker.”

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In a recent interview with Total Film, Stone was actually asked about all of the Joker comparisons and said that that the two films are actually very different:

“It’s very different from Joker in many ways.” However, while there are certainly differences be two movies, Stone can see why thematic lines could be drawn between the two. “I would never even remotely compare myself to Joaquin Phoenix,” she continues. “I wish I was more like him.”

In addition to the Oscar-winning Stone, Cruella also stars Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, Emily Beecham, and Mark Strong. We’ll definitely be discussing the film when it’s released, so make sure to check back in May for all of our Cruella coverage.

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