Bro Makes Epic Video To Help His GF Sell Her 1996 Honda Accord On eBay

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fake 1996 Honda Accord commercial


This bro created an epic video to help his girlfriend sell her 1996 Honda Accord on eBay. This seems like an insane amount of work all to help out your girl and possibly get some nookie out of it (yes, I just brought back the word ‘nookie’). But then again, I’m not professionally trained in any sort of video editing software. I’m guessing that this wasn’t this dude’s first time cobbling together an epic video like this.

He put together the short video in the style of a 90’s car commercial. He took this video so seriously that he busted out the 4K camera to film highway footage along California’s picturesque coastal highways.

Seller notes: “”Greenie” is a treasure. The original paint is in fantastic shape save for a few cosmetic dings (see photos). Drives like a dream. Leather seats are in great condition.”

Initially, the guy had the car listed on eBay with a minimum bid of only $499. However, it appears after this video went viral he pulled that listing and started a new one. That auction now has over 25 bids with the current asking price at $1,475 when it started out at just $499. Just goes to show that you can pick up a lot of attention for your eBay products when you’ve got a video that did 3.3 million views in 4 days. You can check out the eBay listing HERE if you’re at all interested in buying this girl’s 1996 Honda Accord.

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