Glorious Fan Edit Gives Bruce Lee Lightsaber Nunchucks And God Bless The Internet

Have you ever stayed up late at night staring at the ceiling and wondering how deadly Bruce Lee would be if he had lightsaber nunchucks? Well, you’re in luck because this incredible fan edit video answers that very important question. Why didn’t J.J. Abrams think of lightsaber nunchucks? God bless the internet!

Video editor Patrick Nan upgraded Bruce Lee’s weaponry in the 1972 classic Fist Of Fury. Instead of regular, old nunchucks (which are already fantastic), the kung-fu legend is equipped with lightsaber nunchucks which are 1,823% cooler. Bruce Lee would make for a tremendous Jedi (Can’t be worse than Qui-Gon Jinn). “I almost nunchucked you and you don’t even realize.”

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