High School Seniors Pose As Favorite Memes And Pop Culture Icons For Student IDs And They Get An A+++

Generally speaking, fun is discouraged at high school. North Farmington High School is not your normal learning institution. The high school in Detroit encourages students to be their favorite pop culture icons for their student IDs and the Class of 2020 killed it this year with their parodies that deserve an A+++ grade.

Like every other high school, students at North Farmington High School in Detroit, Michigan, pose for their student identification cards. But unlike any other high school, the high school seniors at North Farmington are allowed to dress up for their student IDs.

In what has become an annual tradition at North Farmington High School, the seniors dress up as TV and movie characters, celebrities, and even memes. The Class of 2020 brought their A-game to this year’s student IDs with parodies of Jim dressing as Dwight from The Office, fraternal twins Andreas and Therese Diakovasiliou from The Shining, Beyonce, Jasmine Masters’ “And I OOP,” Kat Williams, Crazy Rich Asians, Regina George from Mean Girls, Jasmine from Aladin, Tyler the Creator, Tina from Bob’s Burgers, Tyrone Biggums from the Chappelle Show, Eugene H. Krab from Spongebob Squarepants, Napoleon Dynamite, Ferris Bueller, Harley Quinn and more

The students sent social media abuzz with their fantastic cosplay and they even trended nationally on Twitter with their hashtag #NFID20.


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