Studio Execs Almost Canceled ‘Fast Times’ Because They Thought It Was Too ‘Adult’

Studio Execs Almost Canceled 'Fast Times' Because It Was Too 'Adult'

Universal Pictures

In yet another case of a movie studio desperate to get in its own way, a new report indicates that executives at Universal Pictures almost scrapped the comedy classic because they thought it was too “p***ographic.”

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter Judge Reinhold, who famously played Brad Hamilton in the movie, said that Fast Times at Ridgemont High was almost never released because “somebody high up” said that the film was too p***ographic.

Judge Reinhold says that Fast Times was almost canceled because executives thought its content was too adult

“We were really heartsick because somebody high up said, ‘This is p***ography, and there’s no way that Universal’s going to release this movie.’” We didn’t see it as this horny high school movie at all. We saw it as having the opportunity to do something authentic that was based on the actual experiences of the kids that Cameron chronicled for that whole year.” [via The Hollywood Reporter]

Luckily, Universal executives ultimately ponied up and released the film, which would go on to become a cult classic.

The film, which also starred Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Nicolas Cage, Forrest Whitaker, and Phoebe Cates as the legendary Linda Barrett, currently holds a 78% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and is considered one of the iconic comedy films of the 1980s.

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