South Carolina Woman Killed By An Alligator After She Tried To Pet It

alligator attack

1987599 / Pixabay

A South Carolina woman died after being dragged into the water by an alligator after visiting a friend on Kiawah Island. The entire story is tragic and if we’re being honest the details sound suspicious in the sense that no reasonable person would’ve been acting the way this person was prior to the attack.

This was the 3rd fatal alligator attack in the state of South Carolina in the past 4 years. The woman was a manicurist and ‘visiting a friend’ to do their nails which makes sense given that nail salons have been closed nationwide for months. The report said she’d only drank one glass of wine and hadn’t consumed any other intoxicants but ‘was very relaxed’ when she was usually ‘very professional’ at the salon.

Don’t get close to alligators. Especially not ones that are large enough to take down a deer. Or even small ones that might be easily startled. Don’t do it. I shouldn’t have to convince you of this but these details are disturbing so I feel the need to throw it out there before you read on:

“When Covert was doing her nails on the porch she saw the alligator in the pond and was fascinated by the alligator,” the report said. ”(She) stated after Covert was finished with her nails she went outside of the porch and was taking pictures of the alligator.”

The friend was cleaning her porch when she saw Covert by the water, the report said. She started yelling for Covert to get back, but her cries were ignored. She yelled out that the alligator grabbed a deer from that spot “the other day.”
Covert replied, “I don’t look like a deer.” Then she moved to touch the alligator, the report said. At that point, the homeowner’s husband ran down the stairs and tried to get to Covert, but the reptile had already grabbed hold of her left leg and started to pull her into the water, the report said.

A neighbor, hearing the commotion, came to see what was going on and went back to his home to get a rope, which they threw to Covert to try to pull her out of the pond, the report said. By the time the alligator had Covert in waist-deep water and rolled, it was too late. (via PostAndCourier)

Just before the alligator rolled and she was pulled under she told the friends “I guess I won’t do this again,” according to PostandCourier. That’s the part that haunts me about this story. I don’t know how many of you out there have ever had the misfortune of hearing someone speak their last words but they stay with you forever and I know for a fact that line will haunt those people and her family for years to come.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after. The alligator and body surfaced about 10-15 minutes after she was pulled under and one of the officers shot the gator with his 9mm handgun in order to retrieve the body but the report states it took additional shots on the shore to actually take the alligator down.

If, for any reason, you feel compelled to read more about this you can click here to head on over to for the full report.