#FilmYourHospital Conspiracy Theory Trends On Twitter, Suggesting Coronavirus Pandemic Is A Hoax

Hashtag Film Your Hospital trends on Twitter, which is a coronavirus conspiracy theory saying hospitals are empty because COVID-19 is a hoax

Getty Image / ANGELA WEISS / Contributor

There is a lot of misinformation being spread around about the coronavirus, which can be dangerous and can cost lives. A new conspiracy theory is suggesting that the coronavirus pandemic is a hoax.

On Sunday, the #FilmYourHospital was trending on Twitter. The social media hashtag encouraged people to go to their local hospital and film the current situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak that is currently raging on in the United States. The “Film Your Hospital” hashtag claims that hospitals are empty and not packed with people suffering from coronavirus infections.

Todd Starnes, a journalist from the Starnes Media Group, visited the Brooklyn Hospital Center in downtown Brooklyn, New York. The Periscope video shows the hospital looking relatively quiet and not very busy, especially since New York City is the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

DeAnna Lorraine, a congressional candidate in California, posted a video on Twitter for the #FilmYourHospital trend.

“Just went to 2 hospitals in LA to check out these ‘War Zones’ the MSM keeps telling us about,” Lorraine wrote. “They are very quiet & EMPTY. We are not being told the truth. Why?? Let’s get #FilmYourHospital trending. We ARE the news now. We can’t trust the news. Post pics of ur hospital here!”

Scott Presler drove by the Inova Fairfax Hospital outside of Washington D.C., and the medical facility appeared to be not busy at all.

Other Twitter users posted photos and videos from health centers in the U.S., including Kings County Hospital in NYC, Mount Sinai Hospital in Queens, the Fairview Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Spring Valley Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The James’s Street Hospital in Ireland was like a “ghost town.”

One video from Georgia featured a man on camera spewing a completely unfounded conspiracy theory that the coronavirus pandemic is a hoax and a globalist plot to permanently discontinue cash money and to establish a “new world order” with the help of 5G cell phone towers.

There were photos and videos also showing hospitals that appeared to be very busy.

Most of the videos uploaded to Twitter were not verified, and some of the footage could have been taken before the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States. It should be stressed that there have been at least 2,484 Americans who have died from the coronavirus in the past few months.

Strangely, CBS News used footage from a hospital in Northern Italy in a news piece about New York City hospitals being overrun and needing more ventilators.

Here is the original footage from Sky News.

At the time of publication, there were over 720,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the world, and the death toll was at 33,965. The U.S. has the most confirmed cases in the world, with over 142,000 cases, more than Italy, nearly 98,000, and China that reportedly has over 81,000 COVID-19 infections.

There are some questions as to if China is releasing factual figures as to their coronavirus cases and deaths. The Chinese government reported there were no new cases of the super contagious coronavirus for the sixth consecutive day in the epicenter of the Hubei province that has 60 million people.

New reports from China discovered an alarming amount of urns have been ordered. “Outside one funeral home, trucks shipped in about 2,500 urns on both Wednesday and Thursday, according to Chinese media outlet Caixin,” according to Bloomberg News. “Another picture published by Caixin showed 3,500 urns stacked on the ground inside. It’s unclear how many of the urns had been filled.”

Another eye-opening revelation is that the crematory in Wuhan has been reportedly going non-stop.

“It can’t be right … because the incinerators have been working round the clock, so how can so few people have died?” an Wuhan resident surnamed Zhang told RFA. “Some social media posts have estimated that all seven funeral homes in Wuhan are handing out 3,500 urns every day in total.”

“Funeral homes have informed families that they will try to complete cremations before the traditional grave-tending festival of Qing Ming on April 5, which would indicate a 12-day process beginning on March 23,” the report stated. “Such an estimate would mean that 42,000 urns would be given out during that time.”