First-Ever Footage Of A Shark Walking On Dry Land Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

First-Ever Footage Of A Shark Walking On Dry Land Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

iStockphoto / Akkarachai Ditjanapongpon

Growing up, we were always told the future would be full of robots and flying cars. There was never any talk of evolution advancing to a point where a shark walking on dry land could happen. But here we are, and the future is now.

In an absolutely bonkers clip that was first premiered on the 2022 Shark Week special Island of the Walking Sharks, Forrest Galante and his team were able to capture the first-ever footage of sharks walking on land in the wild. That said, scientists believed sharks evolved to be able to do this about 9 million years ago, this is just the first time humans have ever been able to record it happening.

Here is the truly wild video of a walking shark. A literal shark that’s walking on land. Not just a goofy name for a shark that swims funny. It’s actually walking and this is a world we all live in now, one where sharks walk. Welcome to your new nightmare fuel.

Welcome to the future, we now have sharks walking on dry land.

Stay away from Papua New Guinea if you’re scared of sharks on land…

Did you see that shark walking? You damn sure did. It was a walking shark. A shark that walks. It swims too, yes. But it also walks. So now that’s just one more thing to keep us up at night.

This footage was captured in Papua New Guinea. The species is Bamboo Sharks. And Bamboo Sharks are generally listed as posting little to zero threat to human beings but I have to question of whoever wrote that assessment knows that bamboo sharks can walk.

Forrest Galante is the host of Animal Planet’s Extinct or Alive and a long-time friend of BroBible. He previously sat down with our Robby Berger of Brilliantly Dumb and Bob Does Sports and Forrest taught Bob about the one animal we should ALL BE AFRAID OF. They also went surfing on electric surfboards which makes for one heck of a day if you’ve never seen how those work.

What does this walking shark mean for the future of the planet?

As for this shark walking footage, I wish I had enough time to explain where my head’s at. I just finished listening to The End of the World with Josh Clark podcast episodes. It’s an 8 or 9 part series on all of the existential threats that could wipe out humanity and the planet. But ultimately, as we saw with the asteroid that caused the dinosaurs and most of life on earth to go extinct, life finds a way.

Somewhere in the final episode, he poses the idea that if some sort of existential threat wiped out humanity there could be an animal already on planet earth that could then thrive and evolve to become the most intelligent species on the planet. Without humans to hold them back, what’s to stop this walking shark from sauntering onto land and staying there and evolving to the point that it learns astrophysics and then flies off into space. And it’s the walking shark that is the first life from Planet Earth to start spreading around the galaxy, and not humans populating on Mars like we all expect.

Anyways, that’s where my head is at right now after I just saw a shark walking on dry land on People and then came here to write about it…

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