‘First Of All,’ You’re Going To Laugh At This Because It’s The Best New Meme In Forever

Most of you lead pretty normal lives which means you can’t spend all day on Twitter keeping up with memes. My job’s a little different. Part of my role around here at BroBible is to keep you readers abreast of the latest jokes on the Internet so that you’re never out of the loop.

Twitter moves fast. The real-time exchange of breaking news and shitposting can be impossible to keep up with. I’d been noticing these ‘first of all’ tweets for the past 24 hours or so but it wasn’t until I checked Twitter Moments that I came across a ‘Best Of’ gallery proclaiming ‘first of all’ as the best meme of the year.

There’s still plenty of time left in the year for a ‘best of 2017 meme’ to come along, and it’s already been a fantastic year for memes so I’m not sure it’s safe to proclaim this the best of 2017, but I do think this is the best new meme in quite some time. Let’s check out some of the tweets and we can see if you bros agree:

Even Netflix’s corporate account got in on the joke:

These ‘first of all’ jokes are pretty much never ending on Twitter. You can keep searching through the best ones HERE if you want to keep going. You can also tweet your jokes at me to @casspa on Twitter and if they don’t suck I’ll retweet them.

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