This App That Helps You Find And Keep Track Of Stuff To Watch Is An Absolute Lifesaver


How do you keep track of what you’re watching, what you want to watch, and where to find it? I used to do it on my iPhone’s Notes App. And like most notes on said iPhone app, it was an absolute mess.

Ugly to look at and difficult to decipher, all I had was a random list — at the very least, I sectioned it off into Movies and TV — of various projects throughout the years that I’d meant to see but never gotten around to. No indication of what streaming service to find them on, no trailers, no reviews, no nothing: just black text on an off-white background (it’s not pure white, more of a cream, but the difference is only enough to drive you insane).

During our recent time stuck indoors, I figured now was as good of a time that I’ll literally ever have to finally start tackling this monumental (and frankly intimidating) list. Plus, not only will I finally get to watch all these movies and TV shows I’ve been meaning to see, but the conquering of Movie List Mountain will allow me to start fresh and forge forward into a brighter future with a more organized method of keeping track of my pop culture. And that’s how I discovered FLYX.

Designed to help you find, keep track of, review, and share all of the endless pop culture out there, FLYX has been an absolute lifesaver for an entertainment lover like myself. Not only can I find new content to watch with both its search and its trending feature, but I can find where to watch it, which is becoming an increasingly impossible task as more channels and companies continue to roll out their own streaming services. With FLYX, everything I need to keep track of the entertainment in my life is finally under one roof.

FLYX also boasts a kick-ass social element as well, as the app is able to link with Instagram and Snapchat, which easily allows you to share what you’ve been watching recently with your friends. We all know how good it feels when one of your friends or family members says “I finally checked out that show you’ve been recommending and I love it.”

Whether we’re stuck in our houses or back to our regular way of life, FLYX remains a masterful tool for those who are constantly binge-watching iconic sitcoms, trying to find under-the-radar streaming gems, looking for something new to watch, and everything in between.

Simply put: if you’re a movie or TV person, you need this app. Thank us later.

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WHAT TO WATCH – what you watch is an extension of who you are and no one knows you better than your friends and family. Use FLYX to know what they are recommending and let them know what your favorites are.

DISCOVER TRENDING AND SEARCH – keep yourself updated with what movies and shows are trending across various platforms. No need to Google anymore!

WHERE TO WATCH – once you know what to watch, we know where you can watch. We are linked to 100+ streaming providers including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, iTunes, Quibi, Apple TV+, HBO, Google Play, Fandango, CBS, NBC, and many more.

CREATE FUN STORIES – you can create new kind of stories available only on FLYX. Stories can be about your favorite shows or you can ask questions, or let your friends know what you are watching. Post these fun stories to your Instagram and Snapchat too.

WATCH TRAILERS – one central place to see all trailers in a fun way and share trailers with your friends and also post on your social networks. We are Tik Tok of trailers!

UNIFIED WATCH-LIST ACROSS PLATFORMS – with FLYX you can create your watchlist on the go and add movies and shows in one central place regardless of where they are available.


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