Four People Test Positive For Corona At Anti-Vaxxer Novak Djokovich’s Tournament

Getty Image

Whelp, that was inevitable. Of course it happened at the tournament put on by tennis’ anti-vax king, Novax Djokovich. Now we have pictures coming out of Novak and his pals hugging and playing basketball (wut?) in VERY close quarters with the people who have tested positive, and it looks like this is only the start.

As far as sports go, tennis seems like it would be lower on the list of Corona-passing risk. I guess the problem is that you could contract it from the balls that are in play. Seems like an easy solution there would be to open a new can of tennis balls for every point or serve needed. Baseball goes through like 200 balls/game, and those have stitches and leather and are probably a lot more expensive than a single tennis ball. You’d have to have someone whose only job was to rip open can after can of tennis balls though. And given that that is one my life’s greatest small pleasures, I’ll happily volunteer to be the official can opener. Just don’t mind me if I make the “ahhh” sound each time like I’ve just sipped a fresh coke. Can’t be helped.

Novak’s legacy, so cold right now.