Fox News Anchor Sandra Smith Busted On Hot Mic Being Hilariously Frustrated With Guest

Fox News Host Sandra Smith Busted On Hot Mic Mocking Guest

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Saturday, on Democracy 2020, Fox News host Trace Gallagher was interviewing Washington, D.C.-based lawyer Cleta Mitchell and discussing the Presidential election.

Naturally, the discussion turned to the fact that President Donald Trump still hasn’t conceded and in fact is still claiming that he is going to find some way to win the election.

“I think everybody wants to know that this was done properly and legally and we can trust the results. And I think we have to look into every one of these concerns,” Mitchell told Gallagher.

“Remember, just because CNN or even Fox News says who’s president doesn’t make them president,” Mitchell added.

At that point in the interview, Fox News anchor Sandra Smith, who was obviously unaware that her microphone was still turned on, reacted to Mitchell’s statement by squinting, rolling her eyes, looking perplexed and asking out loud, “What?!”

Fox News Host Sandra Smith Busted Hot Mic Mocking Guest

Fox News

A few seconds later Smith asked, “What is happening? Like Trace, we’ve called it.”

Neither Smith nor Fox News has issued any comment regarding the on-air faux pas, but thousands of people on Twitter have and for the most part they are pretty hilarious.

It really should.

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