Roommates Create Fun Game Using A Ceiling Fan That Could Be The Next Great Drinking Game

A group of roommates created a fun game and Reddit loves it! The premise of this game is simple – you tie a stuffed animal to a ceiling fan. You and your friends are blindfolded (Some use boxers to cover their eyes, use soiled undies to up the ante) and squat down. When your name is called by another person you must stand up for one second. If you get hit in the head with the stuffed animal you are eliminated. The only issue with this nifty game is that it lacks consequences. You stand up at the wrong second and the worst thing that happens to you is you get hit in the head with a stuffed animals. Not a real repercussion. This has potential to be a great drinking game though. If you get hit in the noggin with the stuffed animal you take a sip of beer or a shot.

However, this game will be all fun shenanigans until some idiot will play a Russian roulette version where there is a bag of bricks spinning from the fan and they will concuss themselves and suffer permanent brain damage (Yes, even more brain damage than they already had before getting hit in the skull with a bag of bricks).

NOTE: Don’t put something hard or heavy on the fan that will injure you or your friends or turn the ceiling fan on high and have the object rocket into the family room and smash your dear mother in the face and definitely don’t put so much shit on the ceiling fan that it causes it to fall off. Have fun. But be smart and don’t injure you or others.