People Nominated The Funniest Tweets In The History Of Twitter And I’m Totally Here For This


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I’m old enough to remember when Twitter was about sharing jokes and videos from Vine. Long before it was infested with racist trolls, political trolls, bridge trolls, and joke-stealing trolls, Twitter was a great place to get your breaking news and laugh in between headlines (you can find me at @casspa btw).

It’s the perfect medium for aspiring comedians to test out new one-liners, especially now that Twitter has upped the character length of tweets to 280-characters. The Twitter account @kalesalad has amassed a ton of followers in recent months by retweeting the viral tweets of the day, but a recent thread on Twitter Moments asked users to nominate the all-time best tweets they’ve ever seen.

I clicked on this expecting to not see my all-time favorite tweet and to my dismay, I was wrong. I’ll tell you down below which one’s my favorite but I’ll let you decide for yourselves which one’s the best without influencing it. Also, if you want to keep this thread going you can tweet your favorite tweet ever at me to @casspa and if it’s good enough I’ll add it here.

It started with this tweet:

I’ve been laughing at this one all morning:

I can’t explain why, I can’t. For some reason unbeknownst to me, this is my all-time favorite tweet (that wasn’t a Vine video of Harambe):

Like I mentioned above, if you have an all-time favorite tweet and want to nominate it for this article you can tweet it to me @casspa and if it’s good enough I might add it here (or retweet).

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