This Thread Of The Funniest Twitter Interactions Of All-Time Is A Must-Read


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For someone whose livelihood essentially exclusively exists on the internet and social media, I actually quite hate the lot of it. If you told me you’d invented a time travel machine, my ass would head straight back to the 1990s — a time when we had enough technology that we weren’t living like cavemen, but not enough technology to drown ourselves in, like we currently are.

That said, even I can’t deny how often social media can be cripplingly hilarious, as both memes and tweets alike had the ability to make you cackle like an absolute idiot to no one but yourself. I’ve caught myself crying literal tears after coming across some memes. Some of them have even stuck with me for years, like this one:

Or this iconic Netflix & Chill meme (Is it iconic? Maybe it’s just me):

Do I understand it? Not in the slightest. But does it crack me up? Absolutely. And that’s the glory of internet humor — the ability to make you laugh entirely without context. So, with all that said, please kindly enjoy this thread of the funniest Twitter interactions of all time (I embedded some of the best responses below, but definitely make sure to check out the entire thread for yourself).

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