25 Funny-As-Hell Tweets And Memes From Dads This Week

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Twitter / TheCatWhisprer

Next week, my kids go back to school for the eleventh time this year. They’ll follow a hybrid model – two days at school and three at home – and, hopefully, this remains the schedule for the rest of the year.

The kids have stopped and started physically going to school so many times in the last 10 months that often forget which grades both kids are in.

My son is in 5th grade and my daughter is in 2nd grade and it took at least thirty seconds to remember those facts and then really double-check to make sure I’m correct.

When anyone asks “what grades are your kids in?” I just say “elementary school” or change the topic to something about the weather. Because I typically don’t check the weather, I make stuff up.

“What grade is your daughter in now?”

“Hey, did you hear it’s going to snow 45 inches tonight and the moon is supposed to fall from the sky?!? At least that’s what I saw online.”

Anyway, here are some other dads who probably suck at remembering simple facts.

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Here are the funniest ones I came across this week.