25 Funny-As-Hell Tweets And Memes From Dads This Week

Best dad tweets this week

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The funniest tweets and memes from dads this week is here to bring a smile to your miserable damn life.

Something I noticed this week – Quarantine has ruined snow days for most of the country, especially those places where kids are still doing virtual school or a hybrid schedule.

The kids don’t get off from school so I can’t take off from work. Snow days are just regular days with more outside work to be done like shoveling and removing the snow off cars on my lunch break.

Covid ruins everything.

Unrelated, I was going through my phone and deleting old videos and photos out of boredom and stumbled across this video I took a couple of years ago. It still cracks me up.


This gym closed down last year. I’m still sad about that but this still makes me laugh. #roundofapplause #funny #fail #stepbystep

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Ok, here are some funny dads.