‘Game Of Thrones’ Actors Aren’t Being Given Scripts For The Final Season To Help Prevent Leaks


Earlier this year, Game of Thrones fans were forced to carefully navigate the internet if they didn’t want to be exposed to spoilers after HBO was hacked and details concerning the seventh season of the show (in addition to multiple episodes) appeared online. As you’d probably expect, the network is going out of its way to make sure the final season of Game of Thrones avoids a similar fate— and the people in charge are taking some pretty drastic steps to ensure their asses are covered.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau— who you likely know better as Jaime Lannister—recently appeared on a Scandinavian talk show to discuss the steps producers are taking to keep details of the eighth season under wraps. According to him, actors on the show aren’t even being given scripts— instead, they’re apparently being fitted with earpieces and fed their lines, which is certainly a novel approach.

Based on everything I know about acting, this seems like a bad idea, but I guess that’s why I’m writing about Game of Thrones and not directing an episode. I can’t wait to see what other steps HBO takes to protect their sacred cow before the final season airs.