Critical ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Details Just Leaked Online So Click At Your Own Risk If You’re Ready To Learn



This is one MASSIVE leak, and it’s supposedly all of the details pertaining to how Game of Thrones Season 7 will play out on HBO next year. This is the end-all-be-all of SPOILERS, but HBO has yet to confirm any of this so it’s also something you might want to take with a grain of salt if you’re a true believer. Now, let’s get to the biggest Game of Thrones plot leak in show history…


Just leaving some space here so anyone trying to avoid the Game of Thrones spoilers can do so successfully.


These are widely being reported as legit, so even though it’s from some anonymous dude on Reddit people are believing this for whatever reason. The primary reason that these leaked plot details are believed to be legitimate is because leaked screenshots from the show filming have since corroborated them. After an image leaked recently showing Daenerys and Jon meet in person these leaks took on a whole new level of legitimacy…So here they are, via Reddit:

Jon meets Dany at E03.He is summoned by Dany,who wants him to bend the knee,but he refuses.Eventually,with the help of Tyrion,he swears fealty in exchange her help in the war against the WW.Gradually they grow to admire each other and they have sex at the end of episode 7.They will be together for most of the season.
Sansa realises she’s being played by LF(he tries to set the two sisters against each other) by the end of the season with help from Bran.LF won’t survive this.Arya will be the executioner.
Both Sansa and Arya will survive.
Arya has become a “killing machine”. First thing she does this season is kill all the remaining Frey sons. After that she heads towards Winterfell and she encounters Nymeria. She arrives at WF at E04.
Dorne will be out of the way in the first couple of episodes.
The Wall will fall at the end of the season, while Jon and Dany have sex.
Jon won’t find out his true parentage this season. Bran and Sam will piece it together though.
Dany is going to Dragonstone first. This will happen at the end of E01.
I didn’t exactly get that, but it seems that the procedure of bringing the wall down will be a big part of the season.
Viserion will die at the Night’s King hand and be reborn as his mount.
Jon’s real name is Aegon. He doesn’t want people to know that he was resurrected. So he stops Davos from telling Dany.
Gendry is at KL making weapons. Davos makes a joke about him “still rowing” when he sees him.
Olenna aknowledges that she was behind Joffrey’s assassination.
Varys doesn’t want the throne. He’s genuinely acting out of a desire to have a king or queen rule that will look out for the interests of the people of Westeros rather than just their own
Beric Dondarrion will be killed by the WW
Benjen will make a cameo
The “Northern girl” will be Alys Karstark.
We’ll get a flashback from Rhaegar and Lyanna’s wedding.
Jorah won’t have any scenes at Essos next season. He will be cured at Oldtown by Sam. He reunites with Dany by E05.
Bran will cross the Wall during E01.He will arrive at WF by E03.
The Lannisters take on the Martells and the Tyrells pretty easily during the first couple of episodes. Jaime turns out to be a great commander. It seems that Dany and co have an unsuccessful siege of KL.
Jon needs to provide proof that the Undead are real. So he goes beyond the Wall with the Hound,Beric,Thoros and Tormund to capture one. They succeed but Beric and Viserion die in the process. They bring the undead to KL(they have a temporary truce with the Lannisters) and they show him to Cersei at the Dragonpit. She loses her shit. She agrees to unite their armies against the WW.But at the last moment,she betrays them and doesn’t send troops,so that the WW will thin out their forces. Jaime is mad and leaves her. He rides North to join the armies.
Cersei is pregnant.
Euron’s fleet destroys Yara’s, kills 2 of the Sand Snakes and captures Ellaria. Theon abandons Yara. The ironborn finally lose all respect for him. He has a small reunion scene with Jon. Jon tells him that he won’t kill him because he saved Sansa.
Mel has only a few appearances through the season.
Dany burns a few rules who didn’t bend the knee, including the Tarlys. Tyrion and Varys worry about her turning into a Mad Queen.
Tyrion and Jon have a few scenes together.
Meera heads back home after she delivers Bran at WF.



This honestly seems like someone got a peek at every script for next season, which would be fairly difficult given that the show is shooting in multiple locations throughout Europe. So for these leaks to be truly legit, which they very well might be, but the person would likely have to be either 1) a very powerful hacker or 2) an HBO employee with a high-ranking position on the show. Whatever the case may be, it sounds like some shit’s about to go down next season.

…(h/t HighSnobiety via Reddit)…

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