‘Gas Station Karen’ Loses Her Mind At TikToker Sitting In Her Car At Pump ‘I Want That One’

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The Karens are at it again.

A video uploaded by @evergreenandmrsn on TikTok shows a woman dubbed the “gas station Karen” losing her mind at the TikToker because wanted to use a specific pump at a Los Angeles gas station.

“She’s literally mad that I’m sitting at a gas pump. I literally pumped gas then was looking up directions on my phone, There were like four pumps open, and she literally screamed, ‘I want that one.’”


She stormed inside without a mask and demanded the worker tell me to move 💀 #karen

♬ original sound – EvergreenAndMRSN

The TikToker followed up with another video where she says she eventually left after ten minutes because the drama wasn’t worth it but was still stunned the lady made a scene while having a kid in her car.


People’s comments about how petty they’d be are sendingg me though

♬ original sound – EvergreenAndMRSN

“She has a kid in the car!” “Like she left a whole ass child in the car to go throw a fit. She was yelling inside of her car, yelling outside of her car, laying on her horn. That’s so embarrassing.”

h/t Daily Dot