Incredibly Painful Video Of George Lucas Reacting To ‘The Phantom Menace’ Reveals He Knew He Blew It Immediately

phantom menace


Wooooooof. This video is a tough, tough watch, so let this be your warning if you’re already dealing with the typical Monday/seasonal depression and aren’t sure if you can take any more misery.

Let’s begin with an exercise: imagine creating something as popular and beloved *across the globe* as Star Wars and knowing it’s *your* baby. You did this. You created this. And no one can take that unimaginable pride away from you.

Then imagine — almost two decades after concluding your epic, globally-beloved, generation-defining trilogy — you decide to revisit the universe you expertly crafted for a prequel film.

Now, finally, close your eyes and picture finally seeing this prequel film that the entire world is eagerly anticipating and that you put decades of work into and realizing that… holy shit, it fucking sucks.

Well, it looks like that’s what George Lucas went through the first time he saw Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and let me tell ya, folks, it ain’t pretty. No wonder the man literally sold out to Disney.

Luckily for Lucas, the prequel franchise would improve with each passing film, culminating with the undoubtedly enjoyable final entry, The Revenge of the Sith. Still, it’ll likely never erase the pain of The Phantom Menace, which is currently the lowest-rated film in the Star Wars franchise.

You can catch The Phantom Menaceand all of the other far better entries in the Star Wars universe (including the already epic The Mandalorian), on Disney+ now.


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