This Girl Who Hoodwinked Dozens Of Men She Met On Tinder Into A Giant Group Date Should Be Banned For Life

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

For those of you who have engaged in the wild world of online dating, I don’t need to remind you that labeling services like Tinder and Bumble ‘hookup apps’ is far too simplistic and idealistic and neglects to recognize the trials and tribulations that come with meeting random strangers with ambiguous motives.

I spent two years swiping left and right (okay, mostly just right), and although it allowed me to go #ViRaL, it hardened me, and rarely in the good way. I met some beautiful, interesting women on the apps (including my current girlfriend. Hi babe, what do you want for dinner? I don’t care either), but for every one magic mushroom, I was forced to rummage through a bunch of shit. I’ve had girls show up to dates on weeknights fall-down drunk. I met a girl with an under-lip tattoo that read ‘fuck you,’ which was conveniently omitted from her profile pictures. I even had a girl spend 15 minutes in the bathroom before texting me from the stall that she was having “stomach problems” and would love to reschedule. It’s a total crapshoot, pun intended, but no one said love is supposed to be easy.

But for all the horror stories I have, a Tinder scam that is going viral today trumps them all. Buckle up and allow this Twitter user to detail how he was hoodwinked by a daughter of Satan (named Natasha) into a date no man in his right mind would ever sign up for.

This dude’s tale was corroborated by many men, some of which regaled their experience to Gothamist. Nicholas, 28, from Union City, New Jersey, said:

“The gist of it was she wanted to do Live Tinder. Folks were pretty mad,” Nicholas said, adding that she appeared to have security and staff helping her with the show. “And she started calling the different characteristics she doesn’t like. ‘If you’re Puerto Rican and support Trump leave!’ ‘If you have a long beard leave.’ Then she did a competition.”

People actually lined up for a sprinting contest. I take it these guys are trying to outrun an extended dry spell.

Here is Natasha speaking to droves of men about some bullshit. So some dude called her out for it.

To all the men and women who have been affected by self-important people through dating apps, you are not alone. You are liking standing next to 50 other dudes in Union Square. Let your voice be heard.

[h/t Gothamist]