Couple Gets Engaged Three Years After Girl Randomly Shoots Shot With Guy On Twitter


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Not many men can pinpoint the exact minute when they met their future wives. Most of us hardly remember approaching her, blind drunk, at a bar that we’re still hazy on the name of. If you’re really lucky, you remember the first words out of her mouth: “Is that puke in your mustache?” Maybe.

But, for Ben Axelrod and Torey Statchowicz, the genesis of their love is well documented on the world wide web forever.

Back in 2014, Torey Stachowicz, a personal trainer from Cleveland, Ohio, decided to shoot her shot with Ohio sports writer Ben Axelrod on Twitter. It’s unclear where Torey’s thirst for Ben came from, but with 24,000 followers, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Ben is one of the most famous people in Cleveland not named LeBron James.


With the number of trivial interactions that bounce back and forth on social media daily, this convo was destined to fail.

But fast forward 3+ years later, and this tweet hit the net.

For all those old-timers telling you that social media is the work of the devil, show them this story. Ben and Torey truly have found love in a hopeless place.

In three more years we can expect the ‘I want to divorce @toreydanae.’

I’m going to hell.

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