Girlfriend Makes Boyfriend Sign Contract In Order To Receive Video Game Christmas Present

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Yankees vs. Red Sox. Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi. Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier. Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics. McDonald’s vs. Burger King. Girlfriends vs. video games. These are some of the biggest rivalries in the history of America. But video games and girlfriends both vying for the undivided attention of men is a battle being waged 24 hours a day and all over the planet. One savvy girlfriend understood her boyfriend’s love of video games and attempted to bridle his gaming time with a contract before giving him a Call of Duty: WWII as a Christmas present.

Meet Ashley Davison and her boyfriend Blake Perry. An adorable couple who seemed to be head-over-heels in love.

Ashley gave Blake a copy of Call of Duty: WWII for Christmas, but on one condition — he must sign a contract which he must abide by. Blake posted a photo of the contract with the caption: “Little does she know these rules will be broken.”

Ashley, who is a University of Oklahoma student, had five strict rules in order to get the gift:

  1. If I call you must pause the game and talk to me with full attention
  2. No starting another match if we are planning to hang out or I ask to hang out
  3. You must ask if it is okay for you to play while I am over at your house with you. Make sure I have something to do while you are in battle.
  4. You must reply to a text no longer than 11 minutes
  5. Do not forget to give me just as much attention.

First off, when you’re playing CoD, you’re probably playing online where there is no “pause” button. So there goes rule #1. Ashley and Blake insist this contract was just a joke. Word to the wise: there’s a grain of truth in every joke. This is the classic frog in a pot of boiling water strategy. She says these rules are “jokes” then she starts implementing them slowly and surely. Next thing you know you’ve got a timer running on your phone to see how many minutes you have left to reply to your girlfriend’s text messages. Do you know who never makes imposing rules for your life? Your PS4 or your Xbox One, that’s who. Guys, you have your entire lives to get into bad contracts with women that you’ll later regret, no need to rush into such a deal when you’re so young.