GOOD AF Podcast: Terrence Cunningham Pours Out His Confidence Through His Music

Terrence Cunningham

Presented in partnership with Good Guy Wellness

Being a man in 2019 is continuing to be redefined, mixing interests with leadership, love, passion and a bunch of other stuff to help both ourselves and other people grow. Wherever that leads you is part of the adventure, but, hopefully, it takes you to become the best version of yourself — and, along the way, there are always a few successful examples to lean on.

With that in mind, Good Guy Wellness started a new podcast called the Good AF Podcast, which is a 12 episode program that offers 30 to 40 minutes worth of topics that all guys frequently talk about. From restoring confidence when a guy’s down in the dumps, to celebrating and highlighting the good things men are doing across different industries, the Good AF Podcast is a must-listen if you need to get a little pick-me-up.

While we already detailed the inspiring stories of Paul de Gelder, a shark attack victim and former Army Paratrooper and Navy Clearance Diver who lost his right leg and right hand but still manages to live out his goals, and Dan Doty, the founder of Evryman, which encourages guys to find their purpose in the world, the third episode of the Good AF Podcast focuses on confidence, with musician Terrence Cunningham being the guest to tell his story.

Take just one look at Terrence Cunningham and you’ll see a man who oozes confidence. From his personal style — which is as unique as anyone’s you meet — to his calm and cool attitude, the singer really pours out his soul through his music. Cunningham knows that he was given a gift, and it’s his purpose to share it with as many people as possible while he can.

“It’s never too late. There’s no such thing. Time is an illusion. You know, you do what you want to do. If you have that drive, you have that drive for a reason, your gift is never for you anyway. It’s not about you. Be grateful that you’ve been chosen to be a vehicle. That’s all you are.”

Far too often, men can get caught up with comparing themselves to others, thinking they may not be good enough to do this or that. Holding themselves back can lead to the insecurity that, ultimately, prohibits someone from truly being themselves and sharing those special talents with others. It’s why on his appearance on the Good AF Podcast, Terrence Cunningham delivers a powerful message about his journey while inspiring listeners to be unafraid to show their true selves.

Just launching this month, the Good AF Podcast is hosted by local L.A. content creator, influencer and adventurer, Matthew Nadu, who brings his own wit to each episode. It can be heard here on the Good AF Podcast website, as well as Simplecast.

Whether you’re looking for some motivation to help you accomplish your goals, or just need something inspirational to listen to in order to remind yourself that, yeah, what you might struggle with is normal for most guys, the Good AF Podcast is a must-listen. From entertainers, athletes, humanitarians, environmentalists, social justice advocates, and artists, to name a few, guests on the podcast open up plenty to get their message across, inspiring other men to become the best version of themselves in the process.


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